Design Assignment 5: A Book for Children

Posted on May 19, 2012

An integral part of book cover designing is reading the mind of the target readership intuitively, which is not a very easy task. And when the readers are impressionable children and young adults, the designer’s job becomes a lot more taxing. The students of the Design class were given an assignment where they had to design a book cover for children of 14 and below, with an English word, the vernacular of which they had chosen for the previous assignment, using greyscale images. The following three covers were elected the best by the students on the basis of communication of concept, use of typography, use of colour, use of picture or shapes, communication with readers.

Rachita Saraogi

Sreemoyee Basu

Boski Jain
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  • M
    Brilliant conceptualisations... the Seagull School has a lot of talent!