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‘The books and ideas that have danced in our libraries are older by far than we are, were created with a burst of energy and a clap of light, and are the constants that cause the mystics to dance in the streets; they have never changed and have been the change.’


Are you already in love with books? Do you delight in finding that publishing gem that adds to your treasured collection? Would you like to have a career publishing such gems yourself?

Welcome to our world. Welcome to the Seagull School of Publishing.

A professional course, run entirely by practicing editors and designers who are passionate about the craft of publishing. Hands-on training. Loads of assignments. Conversations with professionals from publishing houses in India and abroad. Field trips to printing presses. Research trips to bookstores. Open house discussions on current issues. Classes ranging from copyright infringement to e-books to the joys of reprinting War and Peace. Internships. Fellowships for aspiring publishers. And a computer lab featuring the best of equipment and software. 

Age no bar. All we ask is that you are a graduate. And you are passionate about books.

If you have the aptitude, we'll coach you and train you. So that, soon enough, you can earn each month, the cost of the course. 

Yes, now you can get paid for being in love with books. 

Think about it. Then fill in the form. 

Selection process for the first batch starting 2 April 2012 over. List of selected candidates here >>>

Announcement for the next course will be made shortly.

Supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Norway, and the Norwegian Embassy of New Delhi.









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